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For a more personalized, helpful experience, work with Jenny 1:1 for an hour and a half per week. You can trust that Jenny will work with you and one other person (max) to offer a course that will prepare you when it matters most.


In just three weeks, you can learn self-defense with Jenny McPherson. This regimen is twice a week, perfect for individuals who are interested in learning these skills and strategies as quickly as possible. From bear hug defenses to proper fall techniques, a range of topics and strategies will be covered.


Learn self-defense strategies over a six week period with Jenny McPherson. This option is good for busier individuals who want to incorporate these techniques into their lives. Once a week you will come in, develop and practice these strategies so you will be prepared to take action in the face of danger.


Jenny McPherson is extremely flexible with scheduling. You can trust Jenny to work with you to arrange services that match your schedule and needs. If you’d like to enroll in Jenny McPherson’s self-defense classes in Bangor, ME, please get in touch by calling 207-249-3554.

Jenny McPherson’s Women’s Self Defense is a practice providing Krav Maga training specifically for a woman to learn how to protect herself in the event of an attack from anyone. Krav Maga is the self-defense system developed for the Israeli Defense Forces that consists of a wide combination of techniques from aikido, judo boxing and wrestling, along with realistic street fight training. Krav Maga is taught to military and police forces all over the world.

Join Jenny McPherson for Self Defense classes in Bangor, ME

Join Jenny McPherson for Self Defense classes in Bangor, ME

Jenny McPherson Self Defense is one of the only businesses in Maine solely focused on self-defense. Based in Bangor, Jenny teaches women, children and others how to defend themselves from chokes, being grabbed and other forms of attack. Jenny has years of experience in formal self-defense instruction, having decided to take action after her own personal experience.

She hopes to impart her self-defense techniques and strategies on individuals throughout the area who would like to gain this invaluable skillset. The techniques she teaches are practical and can be used in a variety of dangerous situations.

Jenny McPherson is flexible when it comes to scheduling courses, so don’t wait another day. Start learning self-defense techniques that can save your life. Arrange an appointment with Jenny McPherson Self Defense of Bangor, Maine today by calling 207-249-3554.


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